Irma M. Rustad

Safe websites

I am the CEO of NettSkred, where our specialty is to keep websites safe.

Obviously, a website should be nice, responsive and search engine friendly. It should also be a matter of course that it is safe. We see a sharp increase in data intrusion. At worst, a website can infect its visitors with malware. Years of search engine search may be lost in one day.

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Establishing business in Argentina

I would like to share my experience with visa, establishment of business, security, school and living in Argentina.

I came to this beautiful country in 2011, with two sons and three suitcases. Today, I'm running developer for my Norwegian clients with the help of skilled programmers.

The possibilities in this beautiful country are as many as the pitfalls are deep. Feel free to contact me for assistance, lectures or a conversation on how to invest and live in Argentina.

Combating bullying

In my spare time, I am Secretary General in an association against bullying in schools, our goal is that all children can go to school and be safe from bullying. We played a significant role in getting as good a law as possible when the legislation was revised in 2016. Things are improving, but much remains to safeguard our children and youth. We provide aid in Contact me for collaboration, comments, lectures or help against bullying.

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